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Data Classification

NovaPath is a software-based Data Classification solution that enables companies to categorise information according to its confidentiality. A comprehensive wizard guides users through the classification process and ensures the correct selection of a confidentiality level.

Depending on the confidentiality level, NovaPath allows to control the distribution of sensitive information by e-mail. Moreover, a DRM-based encryption can be enforced. Access to classified data can be restricted or granted for a limited time only to protect sensitive information from unauthorised use, manipulation or replication.
All classification events are logged in a central repository to document and inventory sensitive information.

NovaPath at a glance

  • Easy and intuitive implementation of Data Classification
  • Seamless integration into existing system environment
  • User-friendly classification process with additional “Quick-Classification” and Classification Wizard
  • Optional encryption of information and e-mails based on standard DRM (Microsoft RMS)
  • Logging of classification events with audit trail of classified data
  • Multilingual: Available in six languages (EN, FR, ES, DE, PT, ZH)

The classification levels with optional encryption

Classification levels can be configured and extended individually. Moreover, individual levels can be encrypted in order to define who is authorised to read, print, edit and replicate confidential information.

Possible classification levels

  • Public
  • Internal
  • Confidential
  • Strictly confidential

E-mail classification to prevent unintended data leakage

To prevent unauthorised exchange of information, NovaPath supports the classification of e-mails using the same confidentiality levels.
By applying pre-defined filtering rules (whitelisting) for individual classification levels, NovaPath prevents that e-mails are sent to unauthorised recipients. Furthermore, the classification of attachments is checked and considered when security measures are applied.

Classification of MS Office documents & PDF files – Security for both formats

NovaPath supports classifying Microsoft Office documents easily using an Add-in and provides a system extension for PDF documents.
When a PDF document is generated by Microsoft Office applications, the existing classification is automatically passed to the new format and no re-classification is required. Classified information is automatically marked according to company policies in order to visualise the classification when documents are displayed on screen or printed out.

Logging Server – Audit trail of classified data

NovaPath provides a central logging server to administrators or auditors that stores all classification events and supports the tracking of classified documents. A comfortable web interface allows reviewing the classification level of individual documents or the entire classification history of a file. With the help of a unique ID which is assigned during to classification process NovaPath enables to track the lifecycle of individual documents.

Also find information on the following topics:

  • ISO 27001: Data Classification and information labelling according to ISO 27001 (requirement of the automotive manufacturer / recommendation of the VDA [German Association of the Automotive Industry])
  • Optional encryption of documents and e-mails using standard DRM (Microsoft RMS)
  • Raising awareness of employees in handling confidential information and company assets
  • Improving level of information security within the company and optimising of risk controlling
  • Avoiding loss of trust and damage to company reputation caused by misuse of data
  • Inventory and documentation of confidential information
  • Securing e-mail communication by classifying e-mails, checking recipients and attachments

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